Custom Work

Are you interested in having something made just for you? I would love to work with you to turn your ideas into art with a custom piece of handmade jewelry. Please contact me to join my waitlist and discuss creating something together! 

**PLEASE NOTE: Customs are closed at this time. Please check back for updates.**


Previous Custom Designs

Nature inspired turquoise earrings
Blue iris turquoise necklace
Blue iris necklace
Nature inspired aspen leaf necklace
Elegant bar necklace
Nature inspired leaf earrings
Elegant turquoise bead necklace
Nature inspired tree turquoise necklace
Turquoise tree necklace
Nature inspired silver necklace
Elegant silver turquoise ring
Natural coral silver cufflinks
Wanderlust necklace
Wanderlust lily necklace
Butterfly turquoise necklace
Turquoise butterfly necklace
Elegant silver rings
Elegant silver turquoise ringsSilver and turquoise wanderlust