I believe that we can't own the earth, but I feel pretty special when I hold a piece of tumbled turquoise in my hand. This is the same experience I want you to have, and why I create my pieces.

I have a deep desire to feel connected to the earth beneath my feet, with its rivers and towering trees. That’s why I love working with natural materials—stone, metal, leather, wood. Each of my pieces is handcrafted in my little home studio, and inspired by the beauty of nature and the elemental hold it has on our lives. I am continuously inspired by the vibrant colors I see in things like moss, birds, mountains, and sky.

My style comes from time spent outdoors and exposure to the many different places and ecosystems I saw growing up. All my life I’ve been picking up little things like feathers, turtle shells, and river rocks. My dad was in the Air Force so we lived a fairly nomadic life—wanderlust and adventure are in my blood. I love backpacking, canoeing, beach combing, and generally getting my hands dirty.

I come from a long line of artists. Grandpa was a hobby silversmith and woodworker and grandma an oil painter. Mom studied art and works in watercolor, acrylics, and photography. Even so, I could not have dreamed that creating beautiful things could be a real job for me.

In college, I minored in geology and took a metalsmithing class or two in the evenings, but my primary education and background are actually in textbook publishing. I followed that path to Boston, where I worked for three years before marrying my true love. I first met my husband, Eric, in high school geology class. He finally asked me out eleven years later(!) and we married a year after that. We are now traveling the world with the Marine Corps.

On most days, you can find me in my workshop, reading a constant rotation of novels, or listening to bluegrass while I refinish a piece of furniture. My two Labrador retrievers are always at my side, supervising and making sure I get in my daily walk. ;)