Timeless and Trendy Turquoise


Every year is a showcase for a variety of jewelry trends, and we've seen silver tones, mixed metals, and cuff bracelets make their rounds this year. This might leave you wondering, how do more minimal and timeless pieces like sterling silver and turquoise jewelry measure up to modern trends? My turquoise and silver pieces tend to be heirloom designs that stand the test of time, yet you’ll find your most timeless and classic pieces will always tie into trends! You can style these pieces year after year.

Silver: A Timeless Metal

Silver is a historically classic choice for jewelry, dating back as far as the Bronze Age in Mesopotamia. My pieces are made from sterling silver, which is a metal alloy, meaning they are significantly stronger than pure silver and more durable to stand the tests of time. Sterling silver also develops a unique patina over time, lending a one-of-a-kind look to every piece. Silver is known for its durability and is very lightweight and perfect for daily wear.

Silver has been present since the dawn of written history but has recently cycled to be ‘on trend’ as well. You’ll see runway looks with only silver or mixing metals, which is another current trend. To pair your timeless pieces with these modern trends, try styling a turquoise and silver cuff bracelet along with thin silver bangles for metallic matching, or layer a silver and turquoise pendant necklace with a shorter and simpler gold choker or paper clip chain for metallic contrast.

Turquoise: An Ancient Gem for the Modern Age

Turquoise is a gem known and revered in every corner of the earth. It offers many benefits and is said to bring power, luck, and protection to the wearer, while opening the door for forgiveness and love. Turquoise is truly unique and makes the perfect gift. I carefully source the turquoise used in my designs mainly from mines located in the United States that practice fair trade and sustainability, so when you buy a piece of turquoise jewelry from me, you can rest easy knowing the beautiful stones are coming from an ethical source.

So how does turquoise stand up to modern trends? Turquoise jewelry can be styled in numerous ways, from everyday wear to formal occasions. Turquoise is a versatile gem, and as such, can transition with the trends of the day while remaining truly timeless. Stack your daintier turquoise and silver bracelets with a bold cuff for contrast or mix with a few thin gold bangles or chain bracelets for a more minimal look. For a maximalist look, pair your silver and turquoise jewelry with pieces with other colorful gemstones. Turquoise is unique in that it can play both supporting actress and star of the show with aplomb.

Want to add some silver and turquoise jewelry to your collection? Check out my latest pieces at inthepinesjewelry.com! Tried any of these styling tips? I’d love to see your look. Drop by and share a photo with me over on Instagram at @inthepinesjewelry.

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