Sources of Inspiration

As a jeweler specializing in handcrafted sterling silver and turquoise jewelry, finding inspiration is essential to create unique pieces. As you might be able to tell by the name of my business, my most significant source of inspiration is nature. The natural world is a treasure trove of inspiration, with varied landscapes, textures, and colors. I truly feel when we spend time in nature, we are drawn closer to the divine and can connect deeply with the earth around us, and I want my pieces to communicate this as well. Spending time in nature not only makes me feel more inspired, but it helps me gain mental clarity, become more mindful of every moment, and feel more grounded and rejuvenated—I hope my pieces also remind you to spend time in nature, the source of their inspiration.

Forests are one of my favorite places to find inspiration for my pieces. The forest is a magical place teeming with life and beauty, and you can find so much peace there. From the towering pine trees to the delicate flowers, I can draw inspiration from the forest's colors, textures, and shapes to create unique pieces of jewelry, like fire-painted copper earrings or a pendant necklace inspired by the varied shapes of flowers or add detailing to a bracelet or a ring inspired by the needles or cones of the pine trees.

The mountains are majestic and awe-inspiring, and they offer a wealth of inspiration for me as well. I live in the mountains of West Virginia, and it's called 'Almost Heaven' for good reason—the mountains and forests seem like paradise. This little corner of the world is a pocket of peace for me where I can escape into nature, be filled with inspiration, and spend time with family. I've created entire collections inspired by this beautiful area, tucked away amid the changing leaves in a cozy log cabin surrounded by my loved ones.

Rivers are a symbol of flow and movement, and they offer a wealth of inspiration for me as well. A mighty river that flows forward, adapts to changes and circumstances, and progresses as it flows is a symbol of what happens to us when we step outside of our comfort zones. It serves as a beautiful reminder that growth can happen in unfamiliar places, and inspiration can come from even the most unlikely sources. One of my favorite pieces, a Damele turquoise cuff bracelet, was inspired by the flowing river, the polished pebbles in its depths, the moss cradling the riverbed, and the pines standing guard along its banks, seeming to open a portal to the wilderness itself, and silver floral castings add a touch of femininity to this statement piece! 

From forests and mountains to rivers and beyond, there are countless sources of inspiration within nature. I encourage you to take time today or sometime soon to spend time in the natural world around you! Want a reminder of nature to wear every day? View available pieces on my website at

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