Packaging and Shipping Jewelry - Process Part 4


If you've been following along with the blog series of my creative process, I’m so glad you’re back to learn about the final step—packaging and mailing my work to my customers! If you’re new here, I’ve been doing a blog series over the past few months to share in detail the steps of my process of creating a piece—from purchasing a stone to the moment I package a finished piece to be sent to its new home. Want to read more? You can find more on each step here.

Once I’ve chosen materials, designed and built a piece, you would think my job is complete, but there are still quite a few steps before it can be shipped. When a piece is completed, the next step is photography. Usually, I take both product photos and model photos. The product photos feature the product itself, with close-up shots to exhibit the intricate details of the piece, and I take these myself. The model photos feature the product styled on me to help showcase how the piece can be worn, and Eric (my husband) takes these for me. Once I've taken and edited the photos, I work on writing product descriptions and adding the items to my website. I then create content to share on Instagram.

As for packaging, I've spent a lot of time researching sustainable packaging that reflects my branding and mission. For necklaces and earrings, my business cards double as jewelry cards to hold these pieces. Jewelry boxes are reusable or recyclable kraft paper boxes filled with beautiful dried moss, which helps provide compostable cushioning and shock absorbance during shipping. Every part of my packaging is sustainable and either recyclable, reusable, or compostable.

When an order comes in, I place the jewelry into a moss-filled box, hand-write a personalized thank you note, and create and print a shipping label. The boxes are then hand stamped with a wax seal as the finishing touch before being placed in kraft mailers that have been stamped with my logo in ink. I then add the thank you card, along with a business card and a silver polishing cloth for jewelry care. Then, I head off to the post office to ship the packaged piece to its new home with well wishes!

If you’ve purchased your own piece of In The Pines jewelry, please leave a review for me, I’d love to hear about your experience. If you’ve enjoyed this series, reach out to me on Instagram at to let me know!

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  • Love love love all three of my pieces from you. And love your packaging. I have kept all of it. And thank you for your blogs and thank you for telling us your process to make each piece.

    Ann Cargile

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