How to Clean and Store Your Turquoise and Sterling Silver Jewelry


Leading an active life is very tough on your sterling silver jewelry. Hiking, running, playing outside with kids or dogs, or even just doing household chores can do a number on your sterling silver, which can be a pain to clean, especially if accompanied by a porous gemstone such as turquoise.

Without proper care, your sterling silver jewelry will start to tarnish and become a darker color. This happens because, unlike pure silver, sterling silver is an alloy consisting of about 7 percent copper. Over time, copper will react to the natural salt and sulfur in the air, giving your sterling silver a rustic look.

While the vintage style it takes on might look nice (and some people actually want and prefer the vintage patina look) you might be more interested in bringing your silver jewelry back to its original shine.

Most sterling silver jewelry without stones can be cleaned using just a few kitchen products you already have, however, your sterling silver jewelry that contains porous gems, such as turquoise, needs a gentler approach. Take great care to steer clear of using any chemicals on your turquoise and sterling silver jewelry.

That’s why inside every purchase, I include a cleaning cloth that’s specifically designed for polishing sterling silver so that you can keep your silver and turquoise looking brand new for its lifetime.

Cleaning your sterling silver jewelry with turquoise is a simple task to retain that beautiful shine.

When it comes time to clean your sterling silver jewelry, take the cleaning cloth and perform a back-and-forth or circular rubbing motion over the sterling silver. You will see any oxidation or build-up start to fade away as the original shine returns.

That’s it. Nothing fancy. No chemical baths. No waiting for 15 minutes as you watch the chemical reaction. Just rub and polish with the cloth. If your hands become dirty and blacken, just wash them off.

As always, to prevent oxidation and the deterioration of your sterling silver jewelry, it is a good idea to store them away from oxygen inside a plastic sealed container. This will keep it from oxidizing over time.

So don’t be afraid to wear your jewelry while staying active! Keeping it shiny is easy and rewarding. Your turquoise sterling silver jewelry will love you for it.

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