4 Tips for the Perfect Ring Stack

Ring stacks are a fun way to customize your jewelry collection and create a combination that is uniquely you. Don’t be afraid to mix different textures, metals, and stones, and pair your heirloom pieces with new favorites. Ring stacks are also great for everyday wear and help curate your look.

My personal stack (pictured here) has an assortment of rings with various meanings to me, but they are distinctive and represent my personal style: a bit of turquoise, bands of varying textures and widths, and sometimes (not pictured here) a brass band from a vacation to Kyoto, Japan. As you build your stack, the look will become singular to you and your style.

Here are four simple tips to build your perfect stack:

1. Start With the Classics
Do you have a simple heirloom ring that's been passed down through your family and has landed in your collection? An unadorned gold or silver band is a great place to begin, like an heirloom wedding band, or one of the solid gold bands from my shop. To shop gold bands, click here.

  Gold stacking rings

2. Mix and Match Metals & Textures
Mixed metals are on trend, and for good reason. Gold, platinum, silver, and even rose gold are all complementary. Mixing metals also sets your stack apart and gives it a unique spin. You can also use various metals based on the vibes of the look you’re going for: more gold for a vintage feel, more silver for an edgier look, and rose gold to add more femininity to a look.

 Mix textures, weights, and widths to add both balance and variety to your look. Try a thick hammered band paired with a stone or gem on a thin polished band (like my turquoise ring) for a complementary combination.

3. Build with Patience
Rome wasn’t built in a day, and your perfect ring stack might not be either. Keep an eye out for pieces you love, because the best jewelry collection is one that celebrates special moments and tells your story. You may add a jeweled ring each milestone anniversary, or find the perfect piece on vacation like I did. You might inherit a few vintage gems to incorporate into your collection as well. Just remember to make sure your stack feels like you.

4. Spread Out Your Stack
Your rings aren’t limited to one finger, and once you build a perfect stack, you can mix and match and add and subtract. Wear your statement pieces alone, or with a complementary band. Add texture to your look by pairing thinner bands with larger statement pieces or pairing different weights and widths together. Have fun and make your collection reflect your personal style!

Now and then I also offer ready-made stacks, like this one here. I hope these tips are helpful! I’d love to see your stacks built using my tips, so tag me on Instagram at @inthepinesjewelry!

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